About Ironclad

Your business has a single brand positioning that is more right for you than any other. We pressure-test our strategies with a suite of rigorous frameworks to ensure we select your ironclad brand strategy.

Dominant Brand Positioning

Our Unique Approach

We pinpoint your Zone of Dominance

Out of the infinite possibilities, we pinpoint the best positioning for your brand. Our Uncommon Denominator and other frameworks form the basis of our rigorous, scientific approach. The result for your company is sustainable growth.


We bring an analytical approach to brand positioning. Our ultimate goal is to increase your company’s value.
  1. Scientific Process

    Conduct research and analysis, applying up to forty unique frameworks to hone in on your most hard-working brand positioning.

  2. Positioning Choice

    Identify your ironclad brand positioning, at the fertile intersection of what’s best for your business and what’s best for your customer.

  3. Growth Driver

    When marketing activities follow the North Star of your positioning, the result is focused decision-making and sustainable business growth.

Meet Lindsay

Ironclad owner Lindsay Pedersen is a brand strategist with a scientific, growth-oriented approach to brand building. She has advised companies from burgeoning startups to national corporations, including Zulily, Starbucks, T-Mobile, Coinstar and IMDb.

Her background as a P&L owner at Clorox fostered in Lindsay a deep appreciation for the executive’s charge: increasing the company’s value. There, she led mature, billion-dollar businesses and newly-launched categories, from Clorox Bleach to Armor All to Brita. In each case, she was solely responsible for increasing the business’s value.

Thanks to this executive perspective, Lindsay demands that brands be hard-working, disciplined and rigorous in growing a business. Her brand strategies are tested in the crucible of her proprietary Ironclad Method. Lindsay arms leaders with an empowering understanding of brand, and an ironclad brand strategy, so they can grow their business with intention, clarity and focus.