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Best consulting dollars we have ever spent.

Going through the Ironclad Method has made me more confident as a leader. When talking about the direction of the company, whether it’s potential investors or members of my team, I have the words now to articulate a lot of what I felt. It’s very powerful and confidence inspiring to have the words to articulate it. The best consulting dollars we have ever spent.

The Guild [logo]
Brian Carrico
The Guild Hotels
Hugely successful.

Lindsay was the perfect person to help us reinvigorate our strategy using an outside-in, customer-focused approach. Her style and approach were hugely successful in not only developing a successful brand strategy, but also causing the entire leadership team – from CEO to CTO – to rally around and embrace it as our north star for Avalara’s next chapter.

Jeremy Korst
Incredibly gifted at facilitating the right conversations.

Lindsay is incredibly gifted at facilitating the right conversations among senior leaders to get at the heart of what their company uniquely offers. Her methodology, combined with her exceptional facilitation skills, supported our team in agreeing on a “True North” brand for our company – a discipline that had long evaded us. We look forward to outstanding results ahead.

Princess Cruises
Jan Swartz
Princess Cruises
Confident about our unique position.

This brand strategy helps us make better decisions. We are confident about our unique position in the market, and where we should therefore double down and invest.

Joe Heitzeberg
Co-founder & CEO
Crowd Cow
Got our whole team enthusiastic about doing this right.

It’s a big relief for someone who runs a company to have strategic work done by someone who does it so well. Lindsay is very inclusive and has great leadership skills – she got our whole marketing and sales team enthusiastic about doing this right. And her work underscored to me how important it is to take that pause from the day-to-day trenches of business and step back and remember that even though things aren’t always urgent, they are very important.

Pamela Dressler
Cypress Grove
Hands down the best we've worked with.

Working with Lindsay strengthened my respect for the importance of brand, marketing and messaging. It's a pleasure to work with a true marketing expert who cares about both her work product and its impact to our business. By focusing on our customer, and what actually delights them, she got us to a better place; we reached a level of insight that helped to propel exponential and market-leading growth. She's hands down the best we've worked with.

Todd Owens
President & CEO
Before Lindsay, we’d been getting in our own way.

Lindsay stretched us. She pushed us to keep bringing in the customer voice, and keep reaching deep and ambitious. Our North Star now feels true and genuine while also ambitious and bold. Before Lindsay, we’d been getting in our own way. Now we have a brave North Star.

Melissa Maher
SVP Marketing
Expedia Group
Everyone knew what to focus on next.

After we finished the brand strategy with Lindsay, our team was able to all speak with the same voice and tell the same story. Everyone deeply knew the direction, and what to focus on next.

Michelle Broderick
SVP Marketing
Now we have a lens to filter our efforts.

Lindsay helped us understand the questions we needed to ask ourselves and our customers – how to define our product to successfully market ourselves. Her work shifted the tenor of our conversation; now we have a lens to filter our efforts, on the product side and the marketing side. Lindsay's extremely diligent, intelligent, and a great presenter. She really knows her stuff.

Kirby Winfield
Hard-working brand strategies that fuel business growth.

Lindsay delivers hard-working brand strategies that fuel business growth. She is a whip-smart strategist with a unique ability to combine data and outside-the-box thinking to unlock a brand’s value as a powerful business driver – and align the entire organization to execute on it.

Leigh McMillan
Enormously successful.

As a venture capital firm focused in investing in the world's best consumer businesses, we were looking to create very clear brand positioning that enabled us to stand out in the marketplace. Lindsay was able to help do that – driving a re-branding process that has been enormously successful.

Jason Stoffer
Brings a rigor to brand strategy.

What’s different about Lindsay is that having been on the front lines managing a P&L herself, she brings rigor to brand strategy – something many people consider to be subjective. And this rigor gave me great credibility with the CEO and board, and ultimately helped the whole company grasp the acquisition and our new positioning. Lindsay made me look like a star.

Leslie Leach
A sharp, strategic thinker.

What really distinguishes Lindsay is her passion for positioning. Our brand means a lot to us, and it was fantastic to get an external perspective on our positioning from someone with true enthusiasm, rather than some clinical approach. Lindsay is a sharp, strategic thinker and her work was core to our strategy in the business moving forward.

Matt Yost
Diamond Foods
Thoughtful, thorough, engaged and accessible.

There’s no substitute for experience and Lindsay knows marketing inside and out. We’re a small company and she brought the expertise we needed to improve our marketing strategy. When you work with Lindsay, you get results – not to mention fantastic people skills – she is thoughtful, thorough, very much engaged and accessible.

John Lewison
Understood my challenges as a leader.

Because of her background, Lindsay has that general management perspective that isn’t confined to just marketing – she understood my challenges as leader of the organization. She shows up with great executive presence and instills a lot of confidence in a very collaborative way.

Tricia Montgomery
Vice President
Amazing at this stuff.

The Foundational Method was such a great process. So glad we did this. It's helping us secure our foundation to spring forward. Lindsay is amazing at this stuff.

Tangelo [logo]
Mike Bourbonnais
Removed my cynicism on the field of branding.

We engaged Ironclad to spearhead a highly collaborative brand positioning exercise. Working with Lindsay removed my cynicism on the field of branding. Lindsay ain't cheap, but I've learned that you get what you pay for in this line of work. The ROI has been irrefutably high for our business.

The Guild [logo]
Chris Herndon
The Guild Hotels
Groundbreaking work.

Lindsay is passionate about what she does, she’s a good listener, and she’s not afraid to push back which I appreciate. She helped us establish what a newly acquired brand is going to stand for, and that’s impacting how we’re positioning the brand, how we’re communicating the brand to consumers – it’s groundbreaking work.

Steve Donley
Vice President
Continental Mills
A smashing success.

We sought Lindsay out to help define our marketing plan for the national launch of Starbucks VIA™. Her output was exceptional. The launch of VIA was a smashing success, and Lindsay was integral to that.