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License the Ironclad Springboard™ program to bring Ironclad brand clarity to your organization

Define brand positioning that unlocks unique value and fuels your organization’s bottom line.

Use Ironclad’s methodology to pinpoint your organization’s optimal positioning, galvanize employees, and drive growth.

Forging an Ironclad Brand [book cover] Learn more about the book. Learn more about the book. The Ironclad Springboard is a structured, systematic program to create your brand strategy based on the best-selling book Forging an Ironclad Brand: A Leader’s Guide by Lindsay Pedersen.

What is Ironclad Brand Strategy?

Of all the positions you can gain in the mind of your audience, not all of them are equally attractive. There is a choice of positioning that is more right for you than any other.

This is your Ironclad Brand Strategy. It is a positioning that:

  • Resonates with the audience AND is ownable and distinctive to you.
  • Gratifies a customer’s functional need AND lights them up emotionally.
  • Transmits vividly through messaging AND throughout the customer’s entire experience of your offering.
Ironclad Method

The Ironclad Springboard’s proprietary frameworks and curriculum embolden your team to select your optimal positioning. This Ironclad Brand Strategy then becomes the North Star that concentrates you and your people on what will fuel the organization’s enduring growth.

Ironclad Brand Strategy for Your Team

Many business leaders wonder:

  • How do we stand out?
  • Who is our sweet spot audience?
  • What value do we bring to them?
  • What do we say to them?
  • How do we help a potential customer say “yes”?

The Ironclad Springboard program guides your team to answer these questions in exactly the right way for your organization.

Using Ironclad’s rigorous, proven methodologies, your team will create and roll out a sharp, ownable brand.

Ironclad brand strategies yield:

  • Laser focus on what unlocks unique value and actually moves the needle
  • Teams and organizations that operate from an unambiguous brand strategy
  • Energized and engaged employees
  • Enduring customer loyalty
Ironclad Springboard
Lindsay Speaking

Brand Strategy

Lindsay Pedersen developed the Ironclad Springboard by drawing from her classic marketing training at the Clorox Company, as well as from her experience building brands from burgeoning startups and nonprofits to multinational companies like Starbucks, T-Mobile, Zulily, Princess Cruises and Duolingo.

Bring the Ironclad Springboard In House

What is the Ironclad Springboard™?

Empower your organization with the Ironclad Springboard – a methodical, proven brand strategy development program. If you liked the book, but want tailored facilitation and a step-by-step program to guide your organization to its own Ironclad Brand Strategy, the Springboard is for you.

  1. characterize

    The Ironclad Springboard begins with the Explore Phase to establish context. You explore your sweet spot customer, your primary competition, organizational strengths, and organizational character. The insights that surface in this phase form rich raw material for your brand positioning.

  2. stage

    In the Commit Phase, you synthesize your insights to reveal themes that are both compelling to the customer and ownable to your business. You develop a ladder of benefits and reasons to believe that specify the promise your business makes, how you prove that promise, and the reward your customer ultimately experiences as a result of that promise. You also define your character, personality and tonality of your organization, enabling consistent and genuine brand expression.

  3. activate creative

    In the Infuse Phase, you identify each stage of your customer’s journey with your brand. Explicitly describing the stages allows you to tailor your messaging and product offering for maximum impact. You come to see brand in everything your organization does. You will lead with an Ironclad Brand Strategy that serves as the organization’s North Star.

How the Springboard Works

The Ironclad Springboard program:

  • Empowers you to identify your highest potential brand strategy
  • Enables professional growth
  • Galvanizes employees
  • Allows for crystal clarity and focus

With the Springboard program, Lindsay Pedersen trains a designated person within your organization to become a certified Ironclad Brand Coach. This coach then uses the proprietary Ironclad Springboard program to facilitate your organization’s leadership in creating its brand strategy.

Licensing this content includes a complete guide to the 3-day Ironclad Springboard work sessions, short educational videos of Lindsay teaching core brand concepts, webinars to train the trainer, participant kits for leadership, and the template for your full brand strategy. You finish your Ironclad Springboard with an Ironclad Brand Strategy that will propel your organization to grow and thrive.


Bring the Ironclad Springboard In House

Lindsay Pedersen on the Ironclad Springboard

Praise for the Ironclad Method

Organizations that want laser focus are using the Ironclad Springboard to define and express their optimal positioning for maximum impact.

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