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Teach your organization razor-sharp strategic marketing by licensing the Ironclad Method™

Accidental marketing does not work.

Define your brand positioning with laser focus, so that your marketing creates maximum impact.

The Ironclad Method is a rigorous, scientific approach to brand positioning based on the best-selling book Forging an Ironclad Brand: A Leader’s Guide by Lindsay Pedersen.

This method enables you to pinpoint your optimal positioning, so that your marketing is laser-focused on what actually moves the needle. Your customers will be more loyal, your employees will be more motivated, and your work will prove more fulfilling.

What Is Ironclad Brand Positioning?

Of all the positions you can gain in the mind of your audience, not all of them are equally attractive. You create the most business value when you select an ironclad positioning – one that:

  • Resonates with the audience AND is ownable and distinctive to the brand.
  • Fulfills a customer’s functional need AND lights them up emotionally.
  • Transmits vividly through messaging AND throughout the customer’s entire experience of the brand.

There is a choice of brand positioning that is more right for you than any other. The Ironclad Method’s proprietary frameworks embolden you to select the precise, optimal positioning for your business.

8 steps to your Ironclad Brand Strategy
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Licensing the Ironclad Method

Now, organizations can scale the Ironclad Method throughout their organization to empower everyone to build the most high-impact North Star. With this, you can certify select employees to teach and coach the Ironclad Method internally. The Ironclad Method will boost your company’s position, improve your bottom line, and enable professional growth and leadership training for your managers.

We partner with companies of all sizes to develop managers and leaders to become world-class marketers.

By licensing the Ironclad Method, your employees can learn the tool that will enable your organization to grow with a single North Star. Ironclad Method licensing is designed with one goal: make your business ever more focused on what most unlocks your unique value, thereby making your business ever more valuable.

The Ironclad Method™

An Ironclad Brand Strategy is the North Star that focuses your people on what will build the business with intention and clarity. Rather than making it up as they go along, the Ironclad Brand Strategy shines a light on what most matters so that the right answers are clear.

Lindsay Pedersen developed the Ironclad Method by drawing from her classic marketing training at the Clorox Company, as well as from her experience building brands from burgeoning startups and nonprofits to multinational companies like Starbucks and T-Mobile.

Managers and leaders are pulled in so many different directions:

  • How do I stand out from the competition?
  • Whom should we target?
  • What do we say to them?
  • How do I build awareness?
  • How do I help a potential customer say “yes”?

The Ironclad Method is a sequential, step-by-step process to build a brand strategy that will infuse all marketing.

  1. orient

    The Ironclad Method begins by establishing context. In the first step of creating an ironclad brand strategy, you orient to your target customer and your competitive frame of reference.

  2. listen

    Listen to your customers to identify the insights from which your brand strategy will spring. A listening mindset during customer research helps you set up the richest building blocks for your brand strategy.

  3. examine

    Synthesize the insights you have collected into our proprietary Uncommon Denominator framework. This reveals themes that are both relevant to the customer and ownable to your business.

  4. ladder

    Develop a ladder of benefits and reasons to believe that specify the promise your business makes, how you prove that promise, and what your customer ultimately experiences of that promise.

  5. characterize

    Pinpoint your character archetypes and define the personality and tonality of your business, enabling yourself and others to embody your brand consistently and genuinely.

  6. stage

    Define each stage of your customer’s journey with your brand. Explicitly describing the stages enables you to tailor your messages for maximum impact.

  7. activate creative

    Establish the strategic directive, stripping out the extraneous and subjective before beginning the creative development process, setting the conditions for effective messaging.

  8. zoom out

    Begin seeing brand in everything your business does. By the end of this process, you will have an ironclad brand strategy to serve as your North Star in creating a flourishing business.

Praise for the Ironclad Method

Companies that want to market with laser focus are using the Ironclad Method to define and express their optimal positioning, so that their marketing has maximum impact.