Brand Advisory

Brand Advisory

Heighten and accelerate your brand. Ironclad brand strategist Lindsay Pedersen provides guidance and expertise as you create and activate your brand strategy.


  • Activate your brand
  • Sharpen your thinking
  • Improve marketing skills


The “deliverable” is access to Lindsay’s guidance during activation. We sketch out an advisory plan at the beginning, and then meet at regular intervals throughout. In addition to our regular advisory meetings, Lindsay is available to the CEO and head of marketing by email, Skype and phone in between meetings. With some engagements, Lindsay also provides professional development to a broader group, including training sessions.

Typical topics include:

  • You need a brand issue clarified or defined
  • You are introducing new pricing and are grappling with how to communicate it
  • You’re rolling out an updated website and want feedback
  • You have new messaging and want feedback on it before you spend money putting it out there
  • You are considering building or modifying your marketing team and want to talk through org design
  • You’re selecting a freelancer or an agency and want another set of eyes to evaluate
  • You’re evaluating marketing candidates and want a marketing expert to interview and weigh in
  • You’re investing in innovation and need to ensure innovation fits with positioning
  • You’re creating a brand style guide and want an expert to provide feedback before you commit
  • You need advice on coaching your team
  • You’re doing strategic planning and want feedback on the marketing piece
  • You are creating a marketing budget and want to make sure you’re allotting it wisely
  • You are debating a significant change and need a sounding board
  • You need someone to guide you to various marketing resources
  • You are at a crossroads and want help weighing the pros and cons of the different paths
Instrumental to the success of my evolving leadership.

After Ironclad created an extraordinary brand strategy for Cypress Grove, we re-engaged Lindsay to advise me as I led the brand for the first year. Lindsay’s brand advisory was instrumental to the success of my evolving leadership, as well as the roll-out of a brand strategy that we believe will be our competitive advantage for years. By providing me with a safe space for learning without a sense of embarrassment or limitation, Lindsay was an exceptionally effective advisor. She helped me expand my ability to build the brand, our marketing team, and my own leadership capacity. As a result, our brand is vibrant and I am more confident and capable in leading it.

Cypress Grove
Christy Khattab
Head of Marketing
Cypress Grove

Example Case Study

Avalara [logo]

Eager Business Activates Strategy with Expert Guidance


Having gone through the Ironclad Method, Avalara had a brand strategy that the organization was hungry to activate. The marketing leads were savvy, high performers. They were new to brand strategy, though, and wanted to use the new brand strategy as a springboard for developing their own skill.


At the conclusion of the Ironclad Method, Avalara’s marketing leadership engaged Lindsay to provide brand coaching to the senior team as they operationalized the brand. Through regular bi-weekly coaching meetings, ad hoc training sessions and asynchronous feedback, Lindsay helped build brand skills among the team so that they could bring to life a hard-working brand.

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