The Ironclad Method™

The Ironclad Method™

Our signature offering ensures that brand creation is not merely an intuitive exercise, but is also an analytical and deliberate one. Because your business’s growth is at stake, your brand strategy must be precise and rigorous.


  • Analysis and framing
  • 40+ proprietary frameworks
  • 4 extended live work sessions


1. Framing the Strategy

  • Consumer Insights
  • Implications from Insights
  • Target Customer Profile
  • Customer Beliefs
  • Behaviors & Needs
  • Functional & Emotional Benefits
  • Mapping Competition and White Space
  • Competitor Messaging
  • Broad Strokes of Uncommon Denominator
  • Brand Analogies
  • Jobs-to-be-Done
  • Criteria for Potent Brand Positioning
  • Emerging Positioning Themes

2. Brand Promise

  • Broad Strokes of Benefit Ladder
  • Crystalized Benefit Ladder
  • Focal Point of Benefit Ladder
  • Promise Inspiration from other Brands
  • Pillars Inspiration from other Brands
  • Value Proposition Statement
  • Positioning Statement and Framework
  • Brand Promise Meaning
  • Crystalized Uncommon Denominator

3. Brand Character

  • Character Archetype
  • Archetype Contrasts
  • Personality & Tonality
  • Character Edges
  • Tonality Guidelines
  • Mood Board
  • Character Inspiration from other Brands

4. Strategy Activation

  • Brand Snapshot
  • Defining Consumer’s Decision Journey
  • Mindset by Stage
  • Message by Stage
  • Messaging Hierarchy

5. 10k Feet View and Counsel

  • Big Hairy Audacious Goal
  • Living the Brand
  • 4 Ps Framework
  • Barriers and Levers
  • Shifts to Make
  • Stop-Start-Continue
  • Immediate Next Steps
Incredibly galvanizing and clarifying for the leadership team.

Lindsay approaches brand not as a creative endeavor, but like a detective trying to find the truth. We now have a clear articulation of what to focus on and what not to focus on that previously we had a hard time getting to. This brand strategy is incredibly galvanizing and clarifying for the leadership team.

Todd Wilkens
Head of E-Commerce

Example Case Study

The Guild Hotels

Startup Grows Confidently with Vibrant Strategy


This Series-A stage startup was beginning to get traction disrupting the hospitality category, blending inspiration from the hotel world with arbitrage dynamics in real estate. But these founders wanted to do more - build an enduring, beloved, iconic brand. The question was – with other businesses also trying to enter this nascent category, what will be the hook that this brand can own and nail? How can this business be not just better, but different?


Through the Ironclad Method, we built a crisp and vibrant brand strategy to lead this business into its next phase of growth. The method began with our coaching and guiding The Guild in conducting customer interviews to unearth the raw materials for the brand positioning. We distilled the insights and created the frames of the brand strategy. As a whole team, we then came together and finished the brand strategy over four lively and inspiring work sessions. With a succinct articulation of The Guild’s differentiator, the leaders are now confidently expanding their business with a singular North Star.

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