Sounding Board Intensives

Sounding Board Intensives

For businesses that already have a brand strategy and want to get the most out of it, tap deep brand expertise as you are building your brand.


  • Effective decision-making
  • Advice in real time
  • Activate your strategy


The deliverable is the sounding board conversation itself. You set the agenda for each session depending on where you need feedback.

Typical topics include:

  • You’ve created a brand style guide and are craving feedback
  • You’ve started rolling out a positioning and got stuck
  • You don’t know where to invest your marketing dollars
  • You’re debating whether to invest in consumer research
  • You’re reviewing new logo and visual design work and need another opinion
  • You’ve created new copy and would like someone to critique it
High-level branding expertise on a practical schedule.

Lindsay provided a critical focus on taking our brand goals and building those into a practical definition of our core audience. She then helped us refine the right messaging framework, and gave guidance on marketing execution that would align to our brand strategy. Packaged in the 2-hour sounding board sessions, we were able to move quickly to bring our programs to market. As a startup that must prove our market potential on a hyper-fast timeline, Lindsay’s efficiency in the process gave high-level branding expertise but on a practical schedule for our needs.

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Joe Levy
Chief Revenue Officer

Example Case Study

Course Hero [logo]

Tech Company Supercharges Brand-Building


This thriving educational technology company had a brand identity in place, and a strong point of view on the brand’s promise and character. The team was working hard to make significant inroads in building their brand from one that is passively found on Google to one that students actively seek. The high-performing marketing team craved validation and up-leveled thinking as they activated their ambitious brand strategy.


Course Hero purchased our Sounding Board Intensives to supercharge their brand-building. We began with an overview and quick-value feedback on the brand book and the most hard-hitting marketing vehicles to use for go-to-market. We then moved to discussing and pressure-testing the marketing decisions the team was wrestling with that month. Lindsay was there to guide, encourage, challenge and sharpen the choices the team is making, so that they could expand with high ROI.

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