The Foundational Plus Method

The Foundational Plus Method

Supercharge your brand

We designed the Foundational Plus Method offering for startups who want to and can invest in their brand to grow their business, and want a more robust exploration than the Foundational Method alone.

Now, we are focused on one direction.

This brand strategy crystallizes the thing that makes our business truly different, and that will capture the hearts of our customers. As a new start-up, we wanted to define this so that we can build a business according to that North Star out of the gate. Until we did this project, there were several directions we were driving. Now, we are focused on one, and it is the one that we can uniquely nail.

Kadima Shoes
Michele Boal
CEO and Founder
Kadima Shoes

Example Case Study


Evolving Business Defines Brand with Precision


This thriving business had a new focus, having shifted business models and brought on a new veteran CMO in the past year. The vision and fundamentals were strong and ambitious, yet the business had not yet put a stake in the ground on what the brand would stand for, and what the business would uniquely own and celebrate.


Through the Foundational Plus Method, we took the business’s existing point-of-view, isolated the element that was differentiated to Cornerstone, and codified a brand strategy that would work hard to grow the business in a focused, inspiring way. We began by gathering insights the company had already gathered about the customer, and then zeroed in on several directions we could sharpen. Over the course of two half-day work sessions, the team used Ironclad’s initial point of view as a starting point, and defined with precision the brand positioning Cornerstone could claim for its own.

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