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How do brands create value by caring?


A brand that reflects the emotional life of their customer creates more value for that customer and also creates more value for that business.

These brands are fascinated by, and curious about, their customers, as well as about the problem they solve for those customers. They genuinely care about their customers. In return, the customers care too.

But you must earn that care. You must reach outside the walls of your offices to get attuned to your customers. It is hard not to feel empathy when you regularly talk to your target customer.

Talk to your customers. Listen to your customers. What matters to them? What’s it like to be them when they’re trying to solve this problem that you’re helping them to solve?

Find depth in the mundane. Empathy doesn’t need to be dramatic. For example, if you run a cleaning products brand, wiping counters might seem mundane – that’s okay – find the depth in it. My experience helping develop Clorox Anywhere Cleaner showed me that kitchen counter cleaning is a proxy for nurturing. When your counters are clean, you feel like a good caregiver.

Are you fascinated by your customers and the needs they face? Do you always seek to understand her larger yearning that lies underneath?

Remember, be open and humble enough to see your customers’ needs as a doorway into something profound.

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