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What should you keep in mind while rolling out brand strategy?


Brand strategy rollout can be exciting.

You’ve built something that you’re proud of. It’s resonant to your customer, and it’s ownable to your business. You can’t wait for it to become the North Star for your entire organization.

And yet, your internal audience may or may not be as psyched to embrace something new. Sometimes they are eager for the rallying cry that is brand, and other times they are more averse to the change or are skeptical. What can you do to make it more compelling for this internal audience?

They need to feel psychologically safe, and they need to feel seen and celebrated.

1) Show what’s in it for them

Brand strategy pushes decision-making outward so employees can own things without having to clear things with leadership. It empowers them to be leaders of the brand. With a brand strategy, employees can make decisions across their job using the brand strategy as the North Star. They are empowered.

2) Make it feel safe and easy to embrace

Oftentimes, it helps to reassure employees that it’s not that huge of a change, but more of a sharpening. Show them not just what’s changing, but also what is not changing. Maybe you are shifting your promise, but you are not shifting the personality of the company that employees have come to love. Say that. Shrink the change that you are asking of employees, and I think you’ll find that they are craving that their company put this stake in the ground.

3) On an ongoing basis once you’ve rolled out your brand strategy, celebrate the wins!

Like the parenting advice “catch them being good,” make sure to celebrate the heck out of brand triumphs.

We tend to be quicker to grouse than to praise. But this is all wrong: We should be looking for those bright spots – however tiny – and rewarding them.

Reinforcement is the secret to getting past that first step, and then small changes snowball into big changes.

Once you’ve crafted your brand strategy, have you rolled it out in a way that invites everyone to own brand?

Remember, when you’re rolling out your brand strategy, make it feel relevant, make it feel safe, and make it feel empowering. When you do that, they’ll be more likely to join you as you bring life to your brand.

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