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Why should your business choose a lane?

Lindsay Says

“Thank God we are finally choosing a lane.”

I recently heard a director of marketing share with me her relief that her company would be articulating its brand strategy, “Thank God we are finally choosing a lane.”

Her words and relief have vibrated in my mind. They echo the sentiment I’ve heard repeatedly from managers and even C-suite executives who are frustrated by lack of focus.

Leaders sometimes underestimate how badly their employees want them to pick a lane, to choose what to focus on.

Focus empowers.

Focus enables you to punch above your weight.

Focus pushes decision-making down and out.

Focus empowers employees to be fully engaged and alive, so you don't need to do cartwheels to get their attention.

There is no need for the antagonism of “quiet quitting.” Your brand as a North Star puts employees and leaders on the same side.

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