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North Star Leaders Podcast

Lindsay Pedersen

Season 1 Announcement 2 Oct 2023


As a leader, how do you know where to focus? When there are a hundred possibilities, how do you direct your time, your team, your budget, your emotional energy? And - how do you step back and consider the longer term? How do you set conditions for the business to create value not just now, but for years and decades? How do you dance the tension between creating economic value now, while also serving a noble purpose?

If you wonder about these things, then this podcast is for you.

You’ll hear from growth mindset leaders how to create enormous economic value while also creating deep, durable impact. Discover their tips, tricks, habits and mindsets for holding the paradox of leadership - navigating the tug between short term demands and long term aspirations.

Finding and aligning to your business’s North Star creates a compounding loop of goodness for customers, employees, and investors. It makes growth easier, more gratifying, more soul-filling. And, focusing on what you uniquely bring multiplies your business’s value and impact. It’s your distinctive, steadfast advantage.

The world needs what only your business can bring. Don’t rely on brute force to bring it to us. Let your North Star enable you to create audacious economic value while also realizing your fueling purpose.

Lindsay speaking

About Lindsay

Lindsay Pedersen is a bestselling author and brand strategist with a scientific, growth-oriented approach to brand building. She has advised companies from burgeoning startups to national corporations, including Zulily, Starbucks, T-Mobile, Coinstar, and IMDb.

Her background as a P&L owner at Clorox fostered in Lindsay a deep appreciation for the executive’s charge: increasing the company’s value. There, she led mature, billion-dollar businesses and newly-launched categories, from Clorox Bleach to Armor All to Brita. In each case, she was solely responsible for increasing the business’s value.

Thanks to this executive perspective, Lindsay demands that brands be hard-working, disciplined and rigorous in growing a business. Her brand strategies are tested in the crucible of her proprietary Ironclad Method. Lindsay arms leaders with an empowering understanding of brand, and an ironclad brand strategy to guide choices as they grow.