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How singular can your brand positioning be?


The purpose of positioning is to make it easy for your customer to buy from you. In order for them to buy from you, they first need to see you and understand you.

In the movie Mary Poppins, she says, “Enough is as good as a feast.”

This is excellent guidance for leaders developing positioning. Prize simplicity, tightness, singularity.

The reason is that we human beings can only attend well to one thing at a time. Our audience can only pay attention to one thing.

When you stuff your positioning with more than one promise, you dilute the visibility and magnetism. You make it HARDER for your audience to see you, to notice you, and to pay attention to you. This costs your audience cognitive calories and decreases their likelihood of buying.

So, pick ONE thing. When that one thing is both compelling to customers and ownable to your business, your positioning can do its job, which is to make it easy for your customer to buy.

Do you have a position that is singular and tight, stripped of anything extra?

Remember, ensure you’re positioning as Mary Poppins would advise. Strip it down to the most important thing, and that will be a feast.

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